Zoro Roronoa HQS by Tsume

Zoro Roronoa HQS by Tsume

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Limited Edition: 1500 pieces.


Zoro Roronoa, one of the main character of the anime One piece.




Zoro Roronoa statue x2, its tornado and background elements, its high quality packaging and a limited metal plate with the serial number.




Zoro Roronoa


Zoro is the first one to join Luffy's pirate crew. His goal is to become the strongest swordsman in the world. To achieve this, he created his own swords fighting style and can use three of them at the same time. During the 2 years time gap, Zoro has been training himself with the great Shichibukai, Dracule Mihawk.


This statue represents the scene when Zoro fights some fishmen (issue 64/episode 555). He just stroke his new move: Kokujô Ôtatsumaki! Zoro stands bare chest, wearing his green outfit but the sleeves in the wind. Next to his waist are hung th

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Description Technique

Largeur: 82 cm
Longueur: 56 cm
Hauteur: 82 cm
Poids: 32 kg