Zaraki Kenpachi HQS

Zaraki Kenpachi HQS

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Limited edition 300 pieces



" Zaraki Kenpachi " HQS By Tsume the 11th Division Captain.




 Zaraki Kenpachi Statue, High Quality Packaging, Serial Metal Plate.



 Kenpachi is the captain of the 11th division known as the most violent. As captain, the latter exemplified by accumulating a maximum of fighting and looking for opponents to its level.

He keeps the blindfold in most cases, it allows him to contain his power to better "play" with opponents who don't have the same level. Also, he uses a single blade that has taken many shocks, its brute force alone is enough ... Kenpachi is a powerful character, we wanted to show that power across the span of his cloak, giving  a natural aura. The work of draping is pushed to the maximum, white mantle got many effects. The face is full of details, the scar, pointed teeth and bells.

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