Terra Formars Board Game

Terra Formars Board Game

19.90 €

Product Description

After the huge success of its first game, Naruto Shippuden “ the board game, Yoka by Tsume is proud to introduce its latest creation based on an anime: Terra Formars ! 
Play as one of the members of the ANNEX I mission sent on Mars to cleanse the formerly red planet from its terrible inhabitants!

Relive the epicness of Terra Formars in this game where you play as one of the ANNEX I's squad captains: Komachi, Daves, Asimov or Reinhard. 
Your mission is to capture as many Terraformars as possible, even if this means to ally with rivals from other squads to defeat the tightest foes...

This new board game is as much a Yoka by Tsume creation as its notorious predecessor: it offers Terra Formars fans a fun game, easy-to-play and as true to the manga and anime universe as it can get ;
whereas board game players will love its specific gameplay, entertaining and compelling

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