Piccolo s redemption

Piccolo s redemption

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Numbered Edition: 2500 pieces. (Available end 2016)

Piccolo & Gohan, from the anime Dragon Ball Z. Including: one Piccolo and one Son Gohan statue, and the base. High quality Packaging with serial number, limited serial metal plate.

Get everlasting mementos of Dragon Ball Z's most intense scenes! This HQS by Tsume collection aims to retrace the very best moments of this show which touched the very core of each fan, worldwide, regardless his age!

We start this line with a diorama dedicated to the Saiyan story arc. Piccolo, the former demon king, throws himself to intervene and protect Gohan from Nappa's deadly strike. Known until then for his power and cruelty, Piccolo reveals now a humanity none thought he was capable of! His sacrifice will trigger events with numerous consequences.

This is our first incursion in Akira Toriyama's world, and we chose, Son Gohan & Piccolo. The sculpture's details shows a very high resemblance, especially with the face and the muscles, whose are very specific

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