Phenix Ikki HQS

Phenix Ikki HQS

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Product Description

Limited Edition 300 Pieces


"Phenix Ikki HQS", Saint Seiya Bronze Saint " V3 " from Saint Seiya Hades Chapter.




Phenix Ikki Statue, High quality Packaging with serial number, limited serial metal plate.






Ikki is considered like the stronger Bronze Saint. It was important for us to feel the power without loss of charisma. Good support and determined look, ready for action.


By affixing our signature we want to make the statue more mature, offering a different product line.




Armor V3 has many details, such as ruby, belt, and color schemes that make it really interesting. The armor of Mr. Araki has many reflections on its colorization, we wanted to represent them through various effects of degraded metal.


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Description Technique

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