Maka's Faith HQS

Maka's Faith HQS

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Limited Edition 300 pieces.


 Maka Albarn is the first character from Soul Eater to enter the HQS collection.



Maka's Faith Statue, High quality Packaging with serial number, limited serial metal plate.




This statue pictures a key scene from the episode 7 of the anime : Maka entering the church where she will meet and fight Crona. She came in Italy for a different goal, but she was dragged in this location by the strange lenghtwave of Crona. Despite she feels the hidden danger, she decides to enter this church, armed with Soul, firmly determined to unveil the mystery lying here.



Maka is in the middle of an attack move. This pose is dynamic and willful as it expresses even in the movement of Maka's long coat, symbolizing in a perfect way her determination and her will to always forge ahead. You can also notice her look which translates her

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