Kurosaki Ichigo final getsuga tenshou

Kurosaki Ichigo final getsuga tenshou

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Limited edition only 1000 pieces worldwide. (Available end 2016)

Kurosaki Ichigo HQS By Tsume, main character of the Bleach show. Include statue Kurosaki Ichigo, its base with background elements, its luxury packaging and a numbered metal plate.

It's been 5 years we started the HQS by Tsume's Bleach line. It's about time we grant the ever-growing request of fans by realising a statue of the show's star, the most popular Kurosaki Ichigo!

This statue is Tite Kubo's hero using his ultimate Getsuga Tensho, as he did while fighting Aizen!

Kurosaki Ichigo is standing with his sword drawn out, about to strick the ultimate Getsuga Tensho, a technique so strong it will cost him his Shinigami powers. While using it, his Reiatsu is so strong it changes his look. His body displays his strength through a very muscular torso and Reiatsu's energy emission springing out everywhere.

His very own sword, made out of Reiatsu, is ready to strike his opponent while his hair are stuck in motion to bring this stat

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