Hashirama Senju HQS by Tsume

Hashirama Senju HQS by Tsume

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Limited edition only 2000 pieces worldwide. (Available second semester 2017)

Hashirama Senju HQS By Tsume, from Naruto Shippuden. Included one Hashirama Senju statue, the base with the wood golem and dragon, its metal plate and authenticity certificate. Includes a LED lighting system in the base.

Hashirama Senju is the first Hokage, and, with Madara Uchiha, the co-founder of Konoha, the hidden village of the leaf. Unable to agree on how to carry out their ideals of peace, the two ninjas end up fighting in a historic battle.

Our new HQS is inspired by a memorable scene of this fight. It represents Hashirama in Sage mode invoking a Wood Golem with the technique of the Wood Release: Wood Human Technique ( "Mokuton - Mokujin no Jutsu"). Both feet firmly planted on the head of Golem, Hashirama makes the symbol of the snake with his hands. The combined effect of the wind and the release of his chakra raises his hair. His face is marked with the effects of the Sage mode.

The work of sculpture and painting highlights the realisti

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Description Technique

Largeur: 49 cm
Longueur: 39 cm
Hauteur: 45 cm
Poids: 13 kg