Gaara Shukaku's Hand HQS

Gaara Shukaku's Hand HQS

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Product Description

Limited Edition 400 pieces.

Gaara new Kazekage of Suna materializing Shukaku's Sand Hand.


Gaara Shukaku's Hand Statue , High quality Packaging with serial number, limited serial metal plate.


Gaara :

His face shows Gaara style, charismatic but impassive in all situations.
Hair, heavily sculpted, enjoyed a gradient effect. The same goes for clothing including jacket for which we added a slighty satin giving a thickness effect.
The jar is a crucial element of this statue, you can see the result of our mat sandy texture.

Shukaku's Hand :

The sand movement creates air spaces represented by these cracks, we added darker areas to make our work more "alive".

Base :

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Description Technique

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