Eyeshield 21 Devil Bats HQS

Eyeshield 21 Devil Bats HQS

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Limited Edition : 400 pieces.


Devil Bats HQS, three characters diorama from the anime Eyeshield 21.




Sena Kobayakawa, Ryôkan Kurita & Yôichi Hiruma statues, standing on a football field base. High quality Packaging with serial number, limited serial metal plate.




The characters


Meet Yôichi Hiruma - the sadistic and charismatic leader of the team, Ryôkan Kurita - the gigantic lineman (defensive tackle/ center) and Sena Kobayakawa, Deimon's running-back whose nickname entitled the manga: Eyeshield 21!

Each one of the three characters is pictured in a pose which translates his position and its temper: Hiruma, a grin on the face, seems to be giving his instructions to his mates, while Kurita uses his stature to protect Sena who is obviously running like a bat out of hell!

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