Black Star Hqs

Black Star Hqs

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Limited Edition : 300 pieces.


Black☆Star, one of the main character of the anime Soul Eater.




Black☆Star statue, the Tsubaki shuriken & 10 Mifune's katanas. High quality Packaging with serial number, limited serial metal plate.






This arrogant and bragging ninja is a meister AND an assassin. His partner, Tsubaki, is on the contrary very shy and quiet. Together, they are a golden pai, maybe the strongest in Shubusen.

Black☆Star is pictured attacking, launching Tsubaki who assumed the shape of a giant shuriken. This diorama is inspired from the first fight between Mifune in the second episode of the show. That's why the base shows a dozen of swords stuck in it.

Following Maka's Faith, Black☆Star counter-strikes is

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