Art of Bang HQS

Art of Bang HQS

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Limited edition : 300 pieces.

Deidara is the second character from Naruto Shippudenand the very first one from Akatsuki to be a part of our HQS collection.



Statue Art of bang, High quality Packaging with serial number, limited serial metal plate.




Member of the terrorist group named Akatsuki, Deidara has teamed up with Sasori for the raid over the hidden village of Sand. They intended to kidnap no less than the kazekage, Gaara! Deidara's techniques combine bakuton (art of explosion) and a supernatural skill of clay molding : the Kibaku Nendo. With his two extra mouths in his hand, he mixes clay and his chakra to mold it into an animal which will be sent towards its target to explode. To get in the village silently, Deidara molded a clay bird who grew enough for Deidara to stand on it.



Deidara is standing still, arms crossed ahead with an arrogant and dismissive demeanor... He considers himself as an "artist" and despises

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