Naruto Shippuden
By Iki

• Limited Edition - 300 pieces •

This cap hat is inspired by Naruto Shippuden and a tribute to Namikaze Minato.

It features three embroideries: Konoha’s symbol on the front of the hat, Minato’s cape’s kanjis (四代目火影, meaning « Fourth Hokage ») on the back, and a flame pattern on the side, to mimic the one on his cape. Then, under the bill, you will find a Rasengan attack printed on.

Details : 

  • Fabric 97% cotton 3% spandex
  • Kanjis embroidered on the front
  • Embroidery on the bill
  • Embroidery on the back
  • Printed design under the bill
  • Flexfit model
  • Baseball cut
32,90 €