Important Information

8 years !
keeping pushing the limits, achieving miracles, making mistakes and learning, questioning ourselves constantly to evolve.
Today is not the first, not the last time we need once again to question ourselves and change!

I decided to stop our creative process for the months June, July, August and September to get everyone to work on this and find a solution regarding the products that have already left the factories.
We are doing, as we speak, a double control on each pieces to limit the errors as much as possible.
This control is done by our staff in Luxembourg, fifteen people are workingnon stop to check between 50 and 100 statues each week and send them while being at it.

However two delays needs to be announced and here's why:
The recent expecting level is way too high for hand-made products. We receive macro photos, with dedicated lights, zoom on parts,
The direct consequence of this is that we have some factories who decide to stop the process, less and less attracting to them.
Each time we get back at them with a request, there's a negotiation and sometimes, the factory feels like it's not profitable enough and better to move on.
We have to place Aiolos in a different factory to finish the painting of the statues. the factory decided to give up the production, too hard for her.

The second issue is with Grendizer we received statues where the varnish was not dry at its core. Our painters tried to find solutions on the received pieces but we find none
This type of issues is very hard to spot beforehand. Luckily, only a small part of the run has been affected (only 90 pieces)
To be sure, we made more tests on the pieces. then we waited to be sure.

With that in mind, we're going to change our processes to improve our quality and be less dependable on the factories
We're creating a QC Area in China to directly control the pieces atop of the factory controls
It is currently being set up with a part of our staff who is on site to handle this installation.

The process will take 3 months to be fully effective
we're considering the feasibility of a photo validation from the customer
Should this happen, it would not be effective before next year.

In 2019, we're opening our own resin factory. based on the involvement, advises and processes of the Luxembourg staff
The goal is to improve the overall quality level and to be able to control the production delay better
This is the reason why TFD's products have been announced to 2020.
Our most complex projects will be dealt in this factory.

Should any major issue remain despite all these processes our customer service team will be increased with new staff
All our lateness should be covered before the end of next week
We're setting up process so that you have a guaranteed answer delay as soon as you contact us (change effective in August).

The "Planets by Tsume" mobile app and loyalty program will be released at the end of this year
It will be retroactive (to a certain extent)
More info to come after the summer.

As you can see, we have a lot of work to do
This is why we're less present on SNS
However, we have some staff deputising
we'll be fully back after the summer, with a new CM.
our mascot, the little tiger is still available to reply your questions and help you

Enzan showcases are leaving China and will arrive in August.
we'll ship them immediately after. We're waiting the feedback of those customers before considering opening the sales

Luxus HQF will be available directly for Christmas period
The factory working on the project delivered an unacceptable product so I decided to restart the whole production

In order to have a better control on the quality and logistics, we'll decrease to more limited run on the HQS and HQS+

There will be no preorder before the end of September
We will focus on the most important tasks: deliver your orders and satisfy you

All these changes requests from us a lot of solidarity
The team is staying strong and does its best to deliver
Everyone is working on this We are deeply sorry to tell you about this new delay but we are sincerely convinced this is the best way to handle the problems we're dealing with

Please understand we're doing our best to deliver your orders based on our own quality control and logistics capacities being in Asia or Europe
We hope these news will reassure you with our desire to satisfy you to the max

We'll send to our Premium stores some factory samples so you can check the efforts we made on the upcoming statues quality

On behalf of the team, I wish you a great receipt
Thank you to all of you who believe in us, we're more motivated than ever with the idea of these changes

Until we meet again in September, I wish you a great receipt, thank you

Please find below a delivery schedule for the upcoming statues.
Being tributary of factories, these dates are likely to change but we'll do our best to respect the indicated deadlines.
We'll keep you informed of any changes on a Production Point in September.

Vegeta HQS+ Customers: Beginning of July - Middle of August

Premium Shop: Middle of July - End of August

Other Shops: End of August - Beginning of October

Goku: Customers: End of July - End of September

Premium Shop: Middle of August - End of September

Other Shops: Middle of September - End of October

Grendizer: Customers: End of August - End of October

Premium Shop: Middle of October - End of November

Other Shops: End of October - End of December

Ace: Customers: Middle of September - End of October

Premium Shops: Middle of October - End of November

Other Shops: Middle of November - Middle of January

Aiolos: Customers: Middle of September - End of October

Premium Shops: Middle of October - End of November

Other Shops: Middle of November - Middle of January

Genos: Customers: End of October - Middle of November

Premium Shops: Middle of November - End of November

Other Shops: Middle of November - Middle of December

Adolf: Customers: End of August

Premium Shops: End of August

Other Shops: End of August - End of September

Deathmask: All: End of December - Middle of March

Rei: All: End of January - End of March

Saitama: All: End of January - End of April

Hitsugaya: All: End of January - End of March

Madara: All: End of December - End of April

Broly All: Fin Janvier - Fin juin

Natsu: All: End of January - End of July

Enzan All: End of September

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