Titania Unisex t-shirt


39.90 €


39.90 €


39.90 €


39.90 €


39.90 €

Product Description

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Validity : 14/02/2017

This t-shirt is part of a collection of four in tribute to Hiro Mashima's show, Fairy Tail. Inspired by the great members of the main guild, carry out discretely Natsu, Erza, Gray or Lucy's colors. In a red color remembering Erza's hair, the Titania t-shirt has a touch of gray to remind of her armor and blades. The guild logo is displayed on the torso and the sleeve is branded with a symbol of Erza's Heaven wheel armor.

Details :
• Fabric 100% cotton jersey
• V-neck with two buttons, lined with white fabric
• Print on the torso
• Printed appliqué on the right sleeve's bottom
• Side vents
• Stainless

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