Portgas D. Ace HQS by Tsume

Portgas D. Ace HQS by Tsume

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Product Description

Due to the success of ACe, we decided to stop the pre-orders.
A small quantity will be on sale during the January live
thank you for your confidence.


한국 고객님 츠메상품 프리오더를 위해서는 츠메의 한국 총판인 쎈토이로 연락 부탁드립니다



Due to the high number of requests, and despite the impossibility of unveiling ACE HQS by Tsume in its entirety before January 2017, we have decided to open the preorders of Ace and leave them so until our LIVE of January. (However, we will limit at all time our production to 4000 pieces, which represent the maximum capacity of our factory).

The unpainted prototype we had shown during the Tsume Fan Days 4 has undergone some modifications. The cross inside the fireball of Ace has been replaced by a w

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Description Technique

Largeur: 42 cm
Longueur: 39 cm
Hauteur: 58 cm
Poids: 15 kg