Naruto Shippuden The Board Game


44.90 €


44.90 €

Product Description

Yoka Board Games first creation: a cooperative game based on Naruto Shippuden. With your friends, run across Naruto's world to fight the evil organization Akatsuki! Gather up to 4 of your friends to help you protecting the villages, the "Bijus" and their hosts from Akatsuki's members attacks and save the world from its menace!

Each of you plays one of Konoha's best ninjas: Kakashi Hatake, Rock Lee, Shikamaru Nara, Sai, Sakura Haruno and of course, Naruto Uzumaki! Each ninja have access to specific techniques to fight his opponents or support his allies.

You will recognize the classical moves of each character and be able to play as if you were him in furious games where difficulty can be adjusted to the each player's game habits! As in M. Kishimoto's manga, it's only by working together and by defining the right strategy that you will triumph from evil!

Technical details
• Players: 2-5
• Time: 60 min.
• Age: 13 yrs + <

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